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Life Change In The Mundane

Posted by Shelley Emmons on

I was just about to head home at the end of a long and particularly mundane day of entering attendance for our Backyard Bible Clubs. Absent or Present for hundreds and hundreds of elementary students. The night before? A warehouse full of middle and high school students eating, playing games, worshiping, and learning about the saving hope of Christ. Energetic. But today? Mundane. Ordinary. Not really life-changing.

Then a call came. Single mom of three teens, two of which were out of control at that very moment. There was screaming. Tears. What should she do? How did this happen? Where did she mess up? Who could she turn to?

I heard myself offer---Do you want me to stop by your house? Yes, please! I need help, was the reply.

Me, with mundane, data-entering fingers and wobbly knees, offering to help? What would I say to this heartbroken mom? How could I help? After all, I’m not an “expert” at raising kids and I don’t know all the answers her hurting heart longs to hear. And, honestly, my family and I are broken and messy at times, too.

I arrive at her house, a little nervous. I enter. See the tear-stained face. See the wringing of her hands. And I listen. Simply listen. And I feel compassion and I can’t fix anything. But, for a few minutes, my mundane, data-entering hands fold to lift up a shattered, questioning, heartbroken single mom of three troubled teens in prayer. And suddenly, it’s not mundane. It’s not just another day at the office. It’s a day to remember that God cares. He cares about moms and dads and troubled teens and whether or not an elementary student was absent or present at a Bible club. He knows all and He sees all and He only requires our ears to listen, our feet to move, our mouths to share the hope we have found, and our hands to fold in prayer.   Our mundane, data-entering hands.

When we do that, tears dry, hearts are comforted, and the lives of single moms and troubled teens are touched. No, I didn’t have all the answers…but I don’t have to. I simply went. I listened. I encouraged, and I prayed.

Pray for moms who feel they are alone; moms who are working hard to provide for their children on very limited incomes, for moms who need help disciplining their children, for moms who have seemingly lost connection to, and control of, their children. Pray for moms and dads and troubled teens to find hope and peace and answers in Christ. Pray for the mundane to be transformed into the magnificent, and that Christ would be known in our families.