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The Greatest Treasure

Posted by Tara Davis on

It doesn't take long to realize that the world in which we live is one dented up and bruised ball of chaos, full of hurting people screaming at the top of their lungs because nobody's really listening anymore.  Racial division, international tension and families that are busting at the seams in despair and hopelessness, it's easy to feel helpless, jaded and overwhelmed.

And yet, we as Christians carry the greatest treasure and power in all of history on the inside of us, Jesus Christ!  He is the One true God, the King of kings and the Lord and lords, the One who sits enthroned within the heavens and reigns in all majesty and supremacy.  We are carriers of His presence and just by walking into a room, the atmosphere is changed and shifted because of that presence.

Some would ask why we keep showing up week after week, and frankly it's simple.  We keep showing up because God keeps being God and is in the business of changing lives and restoring broken families and His Word never fails but always accomplishes what it sets out to do and that, my friends, is good news!  As long as there is still air within our lungs and a God who calls us to go, we will go.

Tonight we will cram 100+ junior high and high schoolers into our warehouse and it'll be hot, really hot.  Some will fall asleep while others may get in a fight, some will pour their hearts out in worship while others beg to be chosen for the game.  The vans will take kids home afterward and the kitchen will be cleaned after the meal.  But beyond all of this, our unchanging, faithful strong God, Jesus Christ, will dwell among us and He will do what only He can do, change the world one child at a time!


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