public statement

Public Statement

From the House of Faith Board
To Whom It May Concern:
We are in a new season at House of Faith. We have gone through a leadership change and Marci Menchaca is our Interim Director. We are excited to continue with the mission God has called us to in Taking JESUS to Neighborhood Children, Youth and Families. House of Faith has always been and will always be focused on the life-changing power of Jesus. We celebrate how God takes all of us in our brokenness and gives us the free gift of His saving grace through Jesus.

Why the Leadership Change:
Recently, the Board of Directors learned that there was a moral failure between our co-founders, that lasted for many years. While the inappropriate relationship ended over a decade and a half ago and did not involve children, as a faith-based ministry, the Board believes it is critical to hold leaders accountable. This news, as you can imagine, has brought deep pain and disappointment to us and many others. We are deeply saddened for all the people that have been hurt, and we are praying for healing, forgiveness, and restoration for all affected.

House of Faith belongs to God. It is not any one person’s ministry to gain glory from. We give God all the glory for how He established an amazing mission to take Jesus to neighborhood children, youth and families and that lives have been changed by the love of Jesus Christ through House of Faith. We will continue in that mission.

Action we have taken:  
On August 22nd, Board members were informed of the situation. On August 23rd, the Board met and unanimously accepted the resignation of Kevin Reynolds. Rachel Beaver has not worked at House of Faith since 2015. The Board asked Marci Menchaca to step into the position of Interim Director, and she accepted the role. Staff were informed on the change and asked to stay focused on our mission of taking Jesus to neighborhood children, youth and families.

Actions currently being taken:
  • Engaging in regular Board meetings to focus on a healthy transition
  • Focusing on the mission and vision to which God has called us
  • Continuing our regular practice of staff review and updating of teaching materials
  • Working with outside parties to consult on transition and maintain accountability

Future Actions to be addressed:
  • Expansion of our Board of Directors
  • Evaluating and updating bylaws

We believe in a high degree of transparency, but also believe in avoiding gossip. In seeking to balance these goals, this will be our only public statement on the issue of the inappropriate relationship. However, we are happy to speak with anyone who has questions about this statement, our position, or our plans for the future. If you have questions, please contact our Board Chair, Jim Stanley by email ( or call our office at 325-486 8637 to leave Jim a message. We are excited about all God will do in our future as we move forward and in the lives of the children, youth and families He has called us to serve.

The House of Faith Board of Directors
Jim Stanley, Chair
Susan Woods
Martha Elder
Carol Rowley
Lupe Mata – Staff Liaison