The Impact: In Their Words

At the most recent gathering of our 321 Youth program for 6th-12th grade students, we asked a few students to tell us about their House of Faith experience. Here are some of their responses!

Does House of Faith make a difference in your life?
“House of Faith brings a big change to my life because I was in my sad moments and they made me open up more.” —12th grade boy
“Oh, for sure! When I’m going through something, I know I can come here and have a place to pray and give things to God. It gives me peace.” —9th grade girl

How does House of Faith help you grow closer to Jesus?
“By them teaching us more things because since we’re still young, we still need to know about God.” —7th grade girl
“It helps me grow closer to God by being able to talk to people who are close to Him.” —8th grade girl
“Probably worship. I love singing!” —12th grade girl

What is your favorite House of Faith memory?
(talking about growing up at House of Faith programs since elementary) “It’s the best, making new friends and that kind of stuff. New leaders every year, it’s kind of fun.” —9th grade girl
“Camp! Learning about Jesus at night, but also shooting arrows is fun!” —10th grade girl

Thank you for the ways you support us through prayer and financial donations, making this kind of impact possible! Please continue to pray for our youth to be drawn closer to Jesus through House of Faith!
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Haley Galvan

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