Christmas RSVP form

Christmas RSVP Form

We are excited to celebrate Christmas with your family this year at our "Cowboy Christmas" drive up event, where all attendees will remain in your cars for the program and food and gift distribution.

Invitations were sent to all families that have had a student or students registered to attend programs in 2020.  If you did not receive an invitation in the mail or text, please contact our office at 325-486-8637 to see if your children are registered.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT GIFTS:  While we wish we could give gifts for everyone in the family, gifts will be given only to the students in your family who have been registered with House of Faith to attend programs or attend virtually during 2020.  Gifts will also be given ONLY to the 0-4 year olds in your family that have specifically registered for Christmas 2020. Please contact our office at 325-486-8637 for questions.

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Reminder: This event is drive-thru ONLY. All family members must stay inside vehicles.

Date & Time

Your family will be responsible for showing up on the day and time you select. You may only select one date and one time slot. If you need your selection changed later on, please contact us to let us know prior to the party dates.

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